Interview (Krissy Marissa)

The Interview

3MG: Is “_Krissy Marissa__” your real name or model name?
Both my real and model name
 3MG: Where are you from? And, are you currently living there? If not, where are you currently living?
Newark, DE
3MG: fav. sport team(s)
Philadelphia Eagles
3MG: What makes you feel sexy?
When I am looking and feeling my best.
3MG: Who is your role model?
My sister, she is a fighter and I love her for being her and having a smile on her face no matter what!
3MG: How would your friends describe you?
Outgoing, fun, and speak my mind
3MG: Does your personality match your Zodiac sign?
Somewhaat, I am a hopeless romantic but not very stubborn
3MG: How long have you been modeling?
3 years
3MG: What would you say are your strengths as a model? (ex. body, eyes, certain poses and emotions…)
My attitude, my body and build (height as well),  and my eyes
3MG: Do you have any birthmarks, scars or tattoos? Please state “what”, “where”, “how noticable?”
I have no noticeable scars, just 2 from breast augmentation and I have tattoo behind my left ear which is very small
3MG: Describe yourself in 3 words or statements.
Strong, Independent Woman
3MG: What is your best beauty secret?
Bare-minerals, Cocoa Butter and lots of water
3MG: Why do you love modeling? 
I can express myself and show off my favorite attributes and show the world that woman of all shapes and sizes are beautiful
3MG: With any ‘spotlight’ type of job, you are looked upon as a role model. What advice would you give out to aspiring models?
Always conduct yourself as if your mom was watching you at any shoot/appearance… making your family proud is worth more than any amount of money made from a job
3MG: Where can we see you? (ex. shows, tv, magazines, etc)
I have been featured in a few calendars. I have also worked for Hooters and College Mansion.
3MG: Words to live by?
Don’t sweat the small stuff!
3MG: Where do you see yourself in 5 years:
I would like to be traveling and married. Hopefully grace a few covers as well like Maxim and FHM =)
3MG: Any shout-outs or last words? 
Stay classy San Diego =)
 3MG: We have to ask for your fans, top or bottom? Nice and slow or fast and reckless? 
Lets just say I like to keep em’ guessing =)
Turn ons: Manners
Turn offs: Loud and cocky
Pet Peeves: People who don’t focus when I talk to them

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